The Junker (missedthestars) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
The Junker

It's not what they said [Active/Open]

Characters: The Junker, Nill
Setting: Entrance Room, probably moving
Time: Night 008
Summary: A Junker and a muteloli have arrived in the house! Let's see what happens.
Warnings: failop, the Junker exists, Nill's cute level is over 9000.

The first thing he noticed was the lack of Rain.

Or—no. No, it was still there, but softer, harder to make out under the loud sounds of hammering that seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. The endless rain, continuing without regards for day or night, as though it had always been there was little concern to him. It had existed for as long as he could remember, it seemed sensible to assume that it would always be there. He would have been concerned if hit had been absent, but as it was the Rain was present as ever.

That it was no longer beating down on him and was coupled by what sounded like construction was strange, however.

He wasted no time in grabbing his flechette and pushing himself to his feet, scanning the room for the source of the hammering and finding nothing, ignoring the aches that came with crashing onto the hard ground, or floor, as it was. Even in the darkness he could see that the room was immaculately clean. It looked to be older than any building that he'd ever seen, fashioned in a way that had gone out of style long before the war, and yet there wasn't even dust to signify the passage of time, as though it had just been built. There were even quaint little decorative on the floors and ceiling.

Off to the side the Junker could see a small table with a large vase and artificial flowers, crafted far better than any he'd ever seen fashioned by mothers out of cloth, a door, and another room in the distance. He waited for a moment, waiting, looking, listening for any other signs of life before avoiding the vase for the moment, instead cautiously inspected the door before trying it. It was wide and heavy looking and...locked?

Could this a trap set by another Junker? No—that, didn't make any sense, not when he had been outside, the rain beating down on him only to find himself in a building. If he were careless enough to slip in the Rain, it would have been far easier and more sensible for anyone looking to kill him to simply do so. It wasn't as though he hadn't just made himself an easy target, making a careless mistake like that...

With nothing left to do but search elsewhere for an explanation, he gave the vase, with fake flowers that smelled far too sweet, a quick inspection for anything that might be dangerous and found that they only contained what he thought might have been groundwater (but what idiot thought that they could afford to waste it in such a way?) and slowly began moving towards the next room, leaving a trail of muddy footprints and dripping water as he went along.
Tags: !night 008, #monsters, nill (dogs: bullets & carnage), the junker (planetarian)
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