Usopp (snipersogeking) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

From a forest with giant bugs to a house with a potential for giant bugs [Complete]

Characters: Usopp, Riccardo
Setting: Entrance
Time: Night 008, very close to the start of Day 009 (I got confused when I saw the !Day 009 tag, thought the day started, tagged it, saw that it had NOT started, can't remove it, so let's call it "shortly before sunrise")
Summary: Usopp enters the house. Anyone who wants to join in may!
Warnings: None I can think of. If anything crops up, edit button away!

The forest Usopp had been in with its creepy, giant insects had been so overgrown that he wasn't that surprised when he caught his foot on a root and stumbled forward. THAT he had done a few times before. But he WAS surprised to feel smooth floor instead of soft dirt under his palms when he tripped for the umpteenth time. Confused, the sniper sat up and looked around, surprised to see that he had somehow ended up inside a big house. Wherever it was it was dark, even thought it had been the middle of the day just a second earlier.

A chill ran up his spine - not that chills didn't run up his spine on an almost daily basis anyways. This didn't make any sense - how did he end up in his house?

"I, I - what's going on?" Usopp got his his feet, his knees shaking and his teeth chattering. He looked around - the room was fairly large and had some decorations. He saw the door and decided to try it - although there might be something scarier outside. He swallowed, pulling his hand away from the door. Clutching Kabuto in his hands, the young marksman looked around the room he was in - terrified to do much of anything.

What the hell was this creepy place? First he was surrounded by giant bugs, THEN he's all of a sudden in this weird house. Maybe he hit his head when he tripped and this was some kind of dream? Yes, that was possible - he'd wake up any second surrounded by the giant bugs -

Actually, that didn't sound like an appealing alternative.

Maybe one of the plants was releasing some kind of hallucinogen into the air and he was having a hallucination?

Usopp continued to shake in his boots.
Tags: !complete, !night 008, *acedia, riccardo belli (haunting ground), usopp (one piece)
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