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Made by Umbrella Corporation

Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's time to make a move. [Active, Closed]

Characters: Anita, Alice, Zetsu, Rorschach
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Day 001, Morning
Summary: Epicness.
Warnings: None, so far.

She was really, really tired of waking up in unknown places. For a split second, the blonde wondered if she was in Heaven, before mentally giving a sneer. No doubt if she had died, her luck wouldn't be that good. However, the lack of fire, and screams told her that she wasn't in Hell either. Alice only hoped that it wasn't another Umbrella facility.

Paying no attention to the fact that her wounds were healed, or the fact that she was still in her torn and heavily bloodstained clothes, she instead wondered for a split second what had happened to Angie and everyone one else. Then she moved onto looking around the room, trying to understand where she was, and how she ended up there. Nothing she saw told her any information. Her senses told her things, however. There was no one in the building that she could sense that was infected with the T-Virus, though she /could/ hear other beings. Whether or not they were people, she didn't know.

Giving a sigh and slumping back against a wall, the blonde resisted the urge to dig in her pockets for a cigarette. If whoever had brought her here hadn't left her her guns, she doubted they would have left her a pack of smokes.
Tags: !complete, !day 001, alice abernathy (resident evil), anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), rorschach (watchmen), zetsu (naruto)
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