Anita Blake (dead_mans_queen) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Anita Blake

Bloody Bones [Complete/Closed]

Characters: Anita Blake, Machi Tobaye, Rayne, Rorschach
Setting: Starts off in the Grand Room, then heads upstairs
Time: Night (about 2AM Dollsy time)
Summary: Anita gets roughed up while trying to find a place to sleep
Warnings: Violence, language

Anita had no idea how many steps she had taken, nor how many bullets she'd used up. It didn't matter; she still wasn't even close to reaching her goal. She didn't even know what was behind her, watching her ("Chasing me?"), but bullets hadn't killed it. Anita didn't like it when bullets couldn't kill something.

The animator's breath heightened as she felt something swipe at her leg. Then another swipe, and another. She took a quick look behind her, seeing that she had just passed a chair or something similar--Anita couldn't make it out in the darkness. But where there were objects, there were shadows.

"Shit!" Anita swore as something grabbed hold of her hard enough to send her crashing to the floor. Whatever it was loosened it's grip--possibly, it was as disoriented as she was--and Anita was able wriggle free. She stood up and continued her sprint to the door.

Anita's heart began to rise as, with each step, the door came closer and closer. Nearly slamming herself into it, she grasped the handle and gave it a forceful jerk.

It didn't budge. Anita's eyes grew wide as the fact that she was stuck in the Grand Room sunk in. Her heartbeat and breath seemed to go still; all the brunette could hear were the deafening sounds of construction.

Slowly, she turned around, her eyes scanning over all of the shadows before her. But to her right... "Are those stairs?"

Anita's heart filled with hope once more. If only she could make it...
Tags: !complete, !night 001, #hellhounds, #monsters, anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), machi tobaye (ace attorney), rayne (bloodrayne), rorschach (watchmen)
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