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this heart will start a riot in me ¤ [Active/Open]

Characters: Kairi, Emil Castagnier, anyone else.
Setting: Entrance Room.
Time: Early Night 008.
Summary: Kairi tries to open the door with her keyblade and fails.
Warnings: None as of now. Except I post long sometimes. ://///

She remembered standing in front of a door.

Doors had great significance to Kairi. When she was younger, there had been a door that seemed so out of place in a small cave her friends liked to play in. One night she had been standing in front of that door, but she hadn't been herself. The door had opened, and inside was swirling blackness. And inside of her, her heart was nowhere to be found.

'So . . . ra . . .'

She barely remembered drifting through her spiky-haired friend and then disappearing for a very, very long time. But she hadn't gone far from him, after all. While the island was destroyed, sucked into oblivion, her heart had found refuge within Sora's. And then there was another door, the door Riku, her other friend, had disappeared into. She had watched this from afar, waiting for Sora to tell her where she was. Kingdom Hearts – she'd had no clue, even if she was one of the princesses who technically ruled the kingdom.

Then there was the final door, the door that Sora, Riku, and King Mickey had opened. The other door to Kingdom Hearts, or something like that. She had followed them, hoping to encourage them along the way while they fought Xemnas.

And now there was this door, the door to her – and everyone else's in the vicinity – prison.

The redheaded girl looked up at the large mahogany door, looked up to the very top of it. She hadn't questioned the door through careful examination upon arriving at this house – she just took everyone's word for truth. She did that a lot. But now her doubt had risen, and in the darkness, she was curious. She, being a Princess of Heart, could very well open this door. She had done once before, but to a different door, and with the help of six other princesses. But could this silly door not wield to only her bidding?

The fingers of her right hand twitched, and in a glisten, an oversized key appeared in her grasp. Its golden and silver shaft was intertwined with lighter, more delicate metal, the curvature of the hilt feathery and elegant, and the bright flowers on the teeth part scintillating with its own light. If Sora was here – she hadn't seen him since two nights before – she'd probably stand more of a chance. But this was just a test. This was just to prove to herself . . . That I'm not truly worthless.

First she tried opening the door with just her hand. It wouldn't budge. That was expected. Then, she slowly lifted the keyblade and centered it with the giant keyhole. Please work, She prayed, closing her eyes. She gripped the handle tighter. Open . . . Nothing at first, but then she felt a rippled of – what was that, breeze? – ruffle her dress. She opened her eyes to see her keyblade glowing softly, but the door was still closed.

Please . . . She tried to give it more power, forcing her light to move towards the door. The gossamer spread from the tip of her keyblade, hesitated at the keyhole, recoiled. She bit her lip, muttering a silent curse. Shoot. Kairi lowered the blade, trying the door again.


She stood, a lonely girl in the darkness of the hallway, keyblade at her side and the light beginning to fade, a dying ember in a stifled fire.
Tags: !night 008, emil castagnier (tales of symphonia), kairi (kingdom hearts)
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