Teddie (beary_bad_puns) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Teddie ◘ [001] [Active/Open]

Characters: Teddie, Nanako Dojima, ANYONE ELSE <3
Setting: Entrance Room, what bear-utiful woodwork!
Time: Very beginning of Day 009!
Summary: Teddie's intro!
Warnings: Bad puns!

It had all happened so fast.

The Investigation Team had been flying around in the Dojima Residence trying to get the living room completely decorated before Nanako's arrival back home. It was the small girl's birthday and her friends had come to the rescue to throw her a birthday bash she would never forget. After the trauma of the past year, there was no way Teddie was going to let the day pass without seeing his friend smile.

However, not all of the little bear's plans were going completely as well as he had hoped. With Yosuke covered in cake batter and Chie threatening to galactic punt him through the wall with Yukiko giggling at her side, Teddie knew he had to work extra hard to get the team working together. With Souji gone, it was all up to him to be the next leader of the team! After all, who else could possibly take Sensei's place?

"Alright, Yosuke!" Teddie chirped up, determination etched in every word he spoke. "Since the cake is on you, that means we have to throw you into the oven to bake it!" The bear waved his arms towards the large oven. "Get in there! Hop to it! We bear-ly have enough time!"

The goop-covered boy glared at the bear before reaching out and resting a hand on Teddie's fuzzy chest. He knew exactly what was happening next. Bear-ly putting any strength into the push, Yosuke shoved Teddie over, using the bear's only weakness against him.

And so he was falling...

Flopping onto his back, his stubby arms and legs flailing in the air, Teddie gave a small growl of displeasure at this situation. The bear hadn't even noticed he was no longer in Inaba anymore...

"Grrr! I can't get up!"
Tags: !day 009, nanako dojima (persona 4), teddie (persona 4)
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