Naoto Shirogane (princeoffortune) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Naoto Shirogane

The Dollsyhouse Investigation Commences! [ACTIVE/OPEN]

Characters: Shirogane Naoto, Tatsumi Kanji, Hanamura Yosuke
Setting: Observatory
Time: Day 009
Summary: Naoto and Kanji try to relax, a wild Yosuke appears!
Warnings: P4 Spoilers like woah.

The night had be long. Far too long. She and Kanji had wandered the halls for what seemed like ages. After the case had been closed, Naoto had been sure that she had seen the last of shadows, that no longer would she have to face such monsters, but they were so much worse. Faceless creatures, rotting flesh, the noises, the smell. Everything was wrong. No longer did she believe there was an inkling of a chance that they were once again inside the TV world.

Those things...she had seen nothing of the sort. They seemed at first to be...just shadows. Things they had dealt with many times before. However...those things, were certainly not shadows. The shadows she had fought had never bled. They had never looked anything like that.

It was difficult to fathom, difficult to believe that such a thing could truly existed. But she had seen it, she had fought it, she had run from it.

Nonetheless, the investigation had to continue. She was tired and she was positive Kanji was faring no better than herself, but if they were to find a way out of here, they needed to search. They needed to know their surroundings, they needed to know what they were up against. The night faded and day eventually broke. The monsters retreated into the falling darkness, light began to crack through the windows and Naoto found herself able to breathe once more.

Their search of the house led them to a relatively pleasant surprise. A wonderful room with comfortable couches and a sprawling window and no monsters. Perhaps now they could get some rest.

Tags: kanji tatsumi (persona 4), nanako dojima (persona 4), naoto shirogane (persona 4), teddie (persona 4), yosuke hanamura (persona 4)
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