Souji Seta (ceilingseta) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Souji Seta

Be Prepared! [Active/Open]

Characters: Souji Seta, Russel Tringham, Nanako Dojima, *~OPEN~*
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Day 009
Summary: WILD SOUJI appeared! Of course, he's unconscious. Hilarity ensues?
Warnings: Nothing at the moment. Also, failop.

It was a strange sensation, falling. It was as close to flying as one could get for the few seconds before you hit the ground, and man, did Souji ever hit the floor hard. He'd barely had a split second to regret not putting the string of cranes away before his head connected with the floor and darkness blotted out his vision.

How long he'd been lying there, he didn't know. Awareness didn't come back enough to allow the silver-haired boy to do more than give a weak twitch of his fingers in his almost-sleep; to feel the sudden change and coolness of the floor beneath him. The floor in his room had never been this cold, not even in the winter. Maybe it was him? It was possible he was coming down with something and didn't know it. After all, eating those strange-looking leftovers in the fridge wasn't his smartest move ever.

It was nothing he could keep his drifting mind on for long, however. The odd void wanted to claim what little of him was in the space between dreams and waking, pulling him back down to a blankness punctuated with the occasional, odd dreams of him and Yukiko wrestling in luchador masks, or standing in a wide field with Nanako.

Unconsciously, he smiled.
Tags: !day 009, nanako dojima (persona 4), russel tringham (fullmetal alchemist), seta souji (persona 4)
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