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Ikari, Shinji

[Inactive/Closed] Dice said: confused. She said: Don't make others suffer

Characters: Shinji Ikari, Itsuki Koizumi
Setting: Entrance room, crooked bedroom
Time: Night 001/Day oo2 (Dawn)
Summary: Shinji arrives, Itsuki shows him to a bedroom.
Warnings: Mild swearing on Shinji's part.


A moment ago, he had been in the locker room and - well, nevermind, but - he certainly hadn't been here. And, it echoed, because his timid, "hello, where am I", doubled and tripled in ending. Unless he had someone become lost in NERV Headquarters, which he didn't think was possible in the short amount of time it took for him to switch from place to place, then it was very possible that he had (at last) completely, absolutely gone insane. Or developed something of a significant problem in an area of the brain, causing him to lose memory function - he didn't know enough about that subject to make any sort of guess.

Or... he was finally dead, and this was some sort of afterlife. Shit.

Either way, here he was. He looked up - the ceiling was as unfamiliar as the floor - and took a step forward, deciding he might as well take a look around.
Tags: !night 001, ikari shinji (neon genesis evangelion), koizumi itsuki (melancholy of haruhi)
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