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Recap [active/open]

Characters:  Rikku, open
Setting: Oh man, um...  a lot.  Just...  a lot.  XDD, ends in the Dawn Room
Time: Dayish to Night
Summary:  Where Rikku was during my mun-fail and then she gets terrorized.  Whoo?
Warnings: tl;dr, noooot very detailed or creepy because recap

She had originally planned to follow Larxene and Zero around, but in the end, her adventurous side had taken the best of her, and she'd gone to look through the other parts of the house.  It was quite beautiful, really, though it was a little strange that no one had come to greet them yet.  Maybe everyone was just in that big room.  She'd heard music coming from there, after all, so maybe that was supposed to be their welcome?

Oh well, she'd worry about that later.

Rikku drew closer to the wall of the next room, gently running her fingers over the gold veins on the walls with a small smile.  "Pretty..." she whispered, slowly walking around the perimeter.  There didn't seem to be much else to the room (it could have used at least a little more furniture), so she began to climb the stairs.

Next, she poked her head into one of the doors.  This room was dark, and seemed to be made to stay that way.  Why would anyone want their room to be like this? Rikku thought to herself, her head tilting slightly to the side.  It still looked nice, but the Al Bhed just couldn't see the reasoning behind it all.  Waaaaay too depressing.

Her exploration continued on for awhile, poking her head into this bedroom and that, checking out the bathrooms, even looking in the attic.  She managed to pass by a few people as she walked, but it was all too brief, not even giving her enough time to chat them up.  She still hadn't had the layout completely figured out just yet, but she thought she knew enough of it.

And then night came.

The fiends that had appeared were somewhat surprising, but not entirely unexpected.  There were fiends all over Spira, why should this place be any different that there?  No, the only question was what they were doing inside... and maybe why these ones looked so... well, scary.  Fiends didn't exactly look like fluffy bits of fuzz and joy and happy, but they definitely weren't as gross as these ones were.

She'd run, at first, if only to find a more open room to fight in, only to end up in a room she'd never been in.  She'd seen it before she climbed the stairs, but had never bothered to head inside.

The first thing she noticed was the woman at the desk, if only because she hadn't seen anyone as of yet.  Slowly, she approached the woman.  "Um...  Hello?"  Rikku received no answer, but decided to try again, if only to warn the woman.  "It's dangerous.  You really should get out of here..."  Again she received no response, and she moved closer, reaching out.  "Hey--!"

The woman then whipped around, charging at Rikku, and the Al Bhed stumbled a little as she frantically backed up.  What had she done?!  She was just trying to help!

Then Rikku noticed that the woman wasn't quite moving right.  And her eyes...  They were just... dead, haunted, angry.  A fiend.  Another fiend.  Immediately, Rikku brought out her daggers, slashing in front of her in an attempt to keep the woman at bay, only to watch the blade go through her arm.  The thief could only gape, and immediately she decided it would be in her best interests to get out of that room as quickly as she could.

She ended up back in the room with the pink marble walls, sitting against the far wall and trying to figure out just what was going on.
Tags: !night 001, #ghosts, honey kisaragi (cutie honey), rikku (final fantasy x/x-2)
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