Black Leg Sanji (blacklegsanji) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Black Leg Sanji

Goodbye Panopticon! [Active/Closed?]

Characters: Everyone in the panopticon
Setting: Panopticon
Time: Night 009, early
Summary: The doors open and everyone's free to go. But do they leave?
Warnings: Swearing. Also emo Sanji is emo could this explain the haircut?

There was a slight noise, and then the sound of doors opening could be heard across the panopticon.

Sanji wasn't sure he gave a shit. He was too tired - he'd done almost nothing but lay there, tired and cranky and unable to sleep for far too long. He'd actually started crying at one point, wishing that there was some way out, some way to take back what he'd done to Zeff.

But no. The old man was lying there in the cell with him. Dead. By his own hands, no less.

The others could leave. He didn't care anymore.
Tags: !incomplete, !night 009, *acedia, fletcher tringham (fullmetal alchemist), sanji (one piece), shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera), the junker (planetarian)
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