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Emil Castagnier

Between a dog and a man [Inactive/Open]

Characters: Emil Castagnier, open
Setting: First floor, east wing - library
Time: Early Night 009
Summary: Running is not something Emil likes to do, but he's been doing it a lot lately. It's starting to get on his nerves.
Warnings: Sprinkled language. Also, spoilers for Dawn of the New World?

Three weeks. Three weeks by his count he'd been trapped in this house, and not a single sign of any exit. Whoever had built the place sure didn't want anyone to get out, and the annoying thing was that they'd managed it. He would've blamed it on his other self's incompetence, but he'd been watching along too, ready to jump in if needed. It looked like he might have been too hasty the last time: the other him had gotten all spooked, careful to steer clear of monsters when possible. Like he was worse than some monster, looking to get at him.

That was one of the weird things about this place. The monsters around here were stubborn, more than any monster he'd seen before getting stuck here. They should have been under Ratatosk's domain--even if humans had destroyed his tree and replaced it with another one, their meddling would never change who he was even if the other Emil wanted to go on denying it a little longer--but the ones he'd seen upon his arrival didn't feel like monsters. He would have known if they did. The Ravenous and the Lailah were still under his command, but it was as if the others were out of his reach completely. This place was supposed to be different. Maybe this was one of the ways how.

And now the monsters were gone and what the hell were these things? He'd been chased all over the house by what must have been dead people, because there was no way normal humans could survive some of what he'd seen, and while bodies didn't bother him as they would have the coward Emil--yeah, he'd killed, he'd watched humans and half-elves murder each other thousands of years ago in the war that decimated his tree--they were stronger than the last monsters that had appeared, much stronger, and nothing he'd done so far had done so much as knock one down. They'd been so powerful he'd had to start running from them with his tail between his legs like some kind of pathetic dog, and unlike the last night none of the rooms they'd found seemed to be safe from the invasion. It wasn't as if he could be killed like a human could be, but returning to his core state wasn't any better.

His patience snapped when he escaped some kid with both his legs broken--normally something he'd pity, even stop for if he could afford it. But if it was actually some poor guy who'd been caught, too bad for him. Marta and Raine were the ones with healing magic. There was nothing Emil could do for him even if he'd tried. And with what else lurked around the house, it was more likely that it was another trap.

There was a thump as he stabbed his sword into the seat of an unlucky chair--one of the few things he'd managed to harm tonight, if chairs even counted--cursing anything and everything that came to mind. He was the Summon Spirit Ratatosk. He shouldn't have been this weak. He shouldn't have been weak at al, because that spelled certain doom for him. He'd given up on letting the other Emil have control by now with all the encounters they'd been having, because knowing him Emil might end up hesitating and let something trying to kill him succeed. He wasn't just going to end here, not when he had things to do. The coward probably liked it better this way anyhow.

But the night was going to be another two weeks, and if he had to watch for seemingly invincible enemies all the time he wasn't going to stand a chance. Maybe once before he wouldn't have faced this problem, but as the so-called Emil Castagnier sooner or later he would need to sleep.

Damn it. There had to be some way to shake them off or kill them outright, but what was it?
Tags: !complete, !night 009, *acedia, emil castagnier (tales of symphonia), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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