Azai Nagamasa (love_and_honour) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Azai Nagamasa

The fickle fortunes of war [Active/Open]

Characters: Azai Nagamasa [love_and_honour], and anyone else who wants to jump in.
Setting: Entrance Room, to start.
Time: Night 001.
Summary: Nagamasa finds himself mysteriously exchanging one battlefield for another of a very different kind... a.k.a. another arrival post!
Warnings: None as such, but more will be added as/if it occurs.

Samurai do not fear death.

The end of the battle was drawing near, and even before the fighting had started, Nagamasa had known that he would lose to his brother-in-law. But losing was not the pain he feared.

Parting from Oichi had been the hardest, most painful trial he had faced, but keeping her by his side was ensuring her a death sentence, and so he had sent her back to her own clan. What he had not expected was that Nobunaga's thirst for revenge was so great that he'd force his own sister to fight on the frontlines against him -- her husband -- in battle, just to cause him that much more suffering.

With the Asakura army defeated, and the inner walls of Odani breeched, he had made his final decision. To save his beloved wife all the pain that he could, he had slipped away to charge Nobunaga's camp on his own, where she would not have to cross weapons with him. With his faithful lance at the ready, he had charged, intent on fighting until he could no longer do anything else except surrender. But he had been outnumbered, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to fend off blows while taking the soldiers out to give him space to breathe; then just like that, his armoured foot seemed to slip in the churned mud. All breath escaped him as he braced himself for the moment he would hit the ground, before everything went black--

--instinctively, the second he was aware and had air in his lungs again, he made to roll, to find his way back up to his feet quickly as possible, and bring up his lance ready to prevent a fatal blow... only to be greeted will sudden, jarring stillness, a lull in the harsh noise of battle, and a dark, confined space that had no connection to Odani whatsoever.

Unable to process it, he blinked, his lance half-lowering as a gasp escaped him. "W-what...?"

Bewildered, he squinted at his enclosed surroundings, eying the marble and plasterwork as he tried to place the strangeness, the distant sounds of activity, hoping to find an answer that would fill in the sudden lapse of comprehension and ease the eerie feel of discomfort that was creeping up on him. Frozen in his step, at that moment all he could manage to do was to utter in confusion.

"A... dream?"

He had had incredibly vivid dreams of battles before, but never had he experienced one like this.

Something wasn't right.
Tags: !night 001, azai nagamasa (samurai warriors), jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!)
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