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Sunrise [Active/Open]

Characters: Nataku, Zetsu, open
Setting: The Greenhouse, possibly moving into the Maid's Quarters.
Time: Start of Day 002
Summary: Nataku goes exploring and discovers the Greenhouse.
Warnings: None that I know of.

A week was surprisingly short. At least, Nataku felt like he'd been here a week. He'd gone to sleep and woken up six or seven times and each time had gone exploring. The War Prince had since figured out the bare basics of cooking (how to make sandwiches), how to clean his clothes without them falling apart, and how to hide when he ran into other people. After the run in with Larxene he did his best not to actively talk to people. No, Zetsu was the only person he made a point of checking in with and talking to. He didn't know much about the man, but he trusted him and was slowly becoming comfortable around him.

... only he was worried about Nozumu. He hadn't seen him since he'd just gotten here. He'd been the first adult to help him of his own accord. He at least needed to return the (badly cleaned) handkerchief he'd used to help bandage Nataku's now-healed shoulder.

Anyway, that didn't matter right now. Nataku had found a door in the entrance he hadn't spotted before and was pushing it open.

Nataku's jaw dropped, his heart clenching at the sight. Blue sky, sun, and flowers everywhere. It reminded him so much of the fields of flowers surrounding the Jade Emperor's Palace back in Heaven even if it was confined to a glass room that he didn't mind so mch. He missed home. He missed Goku. He missed his father -- even if he didn't know what he'd do if he ever got the chance to go back.

And this might be a way out, too.

Without even bothering to stop and think about it, he turned from the flowering room and tore through the house, yelling for Zetsu! When he found him, he told him what he'd found and brought him to the Greenhouse. As soon as he brought the older man to the door he ran from it, heading straight for the willow tree and climbing up its branches. It had been ages since he'd last climbed a tree. Ages.
Tags: !day 002, !incomplete, nozomu itoshiki(sayonara zetsubousensei), war prince nataku (saiyuki), zetsu (naruto)
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