Dr. Nathan Wallace (dead_doctor) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Dr. Nathan Wallace

Dawn [Active, Open]

Characters: Nathan Wallace, anyone else.
Setting: Blue Kitchen.
Time: Day 010
Summary: Nathan goes looking for something to eat, and food to bring to his daughter.
Warnings: nothing other that Nate's in the thread.

Food was hard to come by during that awful night. He only made trips when he absolutely needed to during the horrific events that seemed to drag on for ages. Morning did break, though, and the beasts that seemed so intent on tearing him a new one disappeared along with the sun's rays. He wasn't as on edge as he was before, but regardless he'd feel much better when he got something in his grumbling stomach. Nathan was uncertain if the food here was safe to eat, but it did beat starvation. He needed to be physically able to protect Shilo if push came to shove.

Slowly he walked past the Grand room, and the large dining area. It was almost..unsettling how neat the place was. Wouldn't a house filled with monsters and ghosts be more..suiting if it was filled with filth and in disrepair? He wasn't complaining though.

He opened the kitchen door and noticed how different the room seemed in the daylight hours. It was fully furnished, like someone wanted to give them the ability to cook for themselves. It was a bit unsettling, but he went to root around for something to eat. He found some uncooked pasta and sauce in one of the drawers. Cooking? Well, he had to know how to cook. He was a mother and a father for Shilo, he couldn't call out for food constantly. Even if he wasn't a chef, he made by.
Tags: !day 010, !incomplete, *acedia, america/alfred f. jones (hetalia), fletcher tringham (fullmetal alchemist), nathan wallace (repo! the genetic opera), russel tringham (fullmetal alchemist)
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