Rayne (blood_n_leather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

As An Afterthought [Active/Open]

Characters: Zetsu, Rayne, open.
Setting: Daffodil Room
Time: Day 002
Summary: Rayne realizes that living in a house with a lot of windows, where time moves veeeery slowly, isn't so great after all.
Warnings: Zetsu exists. Rayne is there.

Having cleaned herself of decay and fluids from those damned dogs, and whatever other substances she had somehow managed to come in contact with, Rayne didn't the new found cleanliness by going out and exploring the house, and all the new rooms that came with it. One look in Aura Vision had told her there were new rooms, and it seemed, more people than she thought there would be after last night.

Perhaps those dogs didn't know what they were doing after all.

Annoyance and shame simmering under her supposedly calm surface, Rayne internally ranted and raved. Annoyed at this house for having so many damn windows, ashamed at herself for having no better alternative than to hole up until she absolutely needed to leave and risk possibly fatal injuries, and annoyance at herself as well for being worried that, while she knew Namine was alright, where ever she was thanks to her earlier look in Aura Vision, she didn't like when the girl was away from her for so long. Before, she had wasted time by sleeping as much as she possibly could in such an unfamiliar and untrusted situation. After that, her usual 'wake up' routine, or as best as she could in the cramped room. Now, she focused on her angels.

Sitting with her back against the wall, with a good view of the door, Rayne held a blade in her lap, gloves and twin blade on the floor beside her, with a stolen, smaller bottle of baby oil and extra washcloths on the other side of her. Apparently, that filthy bathroom had cleaned itself up. Meticulously and carefully wiping the precious blades clean, the dhampir momentarily wondered what the hell she was going to do after this.
Tags: !complete, !day 002, rayne (bloodrayne), zetsu (naruto)
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