Marta Lualdi (fangirls) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Marta Lualdi

And I will not look down [Active/Open]

Characters: Marta Lualdi, Jonouchi Katsuya
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Day 010
Summary: Marta enters the house and meets Jonouchi! o/
Warnings: None yet.

Marta thought that Colette and Sheena's klutziness must have finally started to rub off on her, because she was pretty sure that she'd managed to trip on...absolutely nothing. One second she'd been on her way to see her father, the next she found herself laying on hard...marble? She blinked, confused as she pushed began to push herself up, staring at the expensive-looking marble flooring underneath her. That was strange, especially considering she'd been walking along a dirt path. She grabbed her spinner before pushing herself to her feet, giving the room a good look. It obvious led into another, bigger room, and there a vase full of fresh flowers sitting on a table. There were cute plaster decorations along the floor and ceiling and...aha! There it was! That had to be the entrance. Pleased with her find, she moved to open the front door, only to find wouldn't open, but wait, who'd ever heard of a door that opened from the outside?

Unconvinced, her decision to try tugging the door open one more time turned into her fighting with it for what have been the better part of five minutes before she finally gave up on it with an annoyed huff, one hand going to her hip as she glared at it.

"Stupid door..." She mumbled. She was frustrated by her defeat, but had given up on it by the same, turning away from it and walking into the next room. "Hey," she called out, keeping her voice as pleasant as she could, "Is anyone there?" She couldn't help the twinge of annoyance that came with the silence, but also a kind of unease. Even if this was someone holding a grudge against her, she didn't think they would have let her run freely as they were and she thought that they would have at least made their presence known to their captive, but it didn't look like there was anyone here. Was this like Ratatosk's power? He could send the Centurions (people) back to their alters, after all. She wasn't sure if Martel had the same abilities, but supposed that there could be another kind of summon spirit (or at least something comparable) that had those kinds of abilities. Maybe it was a demon, or at least something similar, seeing as Emil had sealed the door..

...Maybe trying to the door one more time wasn't such a bad idea.
Tags: !day 010, !incomplete, *acedia, jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!), marta lualdi (tales of symphonia)
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