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Getting to know each other (active/closed)

Characters: Nataku, Zetsu, closed
Setting: The Forest Bedroom
Time: Late Night 001 (backlog)
Summary: The two roomies decide to talk a little
Warnings: Contains Zetsu. Also, possible fluff, cuteness, and/or angst.

Spending time in their (their, not his) room was agreeable enough lately; Zetsu had worn himself out on the monsters. Too much, too fast, too stressful that night..... He was only too happy to rest and recover his energy, especially since he had been starting to feel sluggish lately. It was all this damned darkness that was doing it; this prolonged nightfall wasn't helping him a bit. He was partially plant, a creature of the light--he needed the sun to stay healthy. No doubt if this went on too much longer, he would start to actually get sick....

But that wasn't something he wanted to be concerned with right now. Right now, he had just returned from braving the monsters to go to the kitchen and cook; even if Nataku had learned how to make sandwiches, he knew they both needed decent meals. And with that thought, Zetsu was currently returning with two large bowls of rice, with plenty of additions mixed in; over the time they'd spent together, he'd at least gotten some vague idea of Nataku's preferences, and had tried to respect them. He himself, of course, was probably eating more meat than the younger boy did; after all, he was a carnivore by nature, and wanted to stave off sickness and weakness from the lack of sunlight as long as he possibly could. And that definitely meant more substantial meals.

He shut the door behind him with a foot, glad for the construction noises to be a bit muffled once again, and turned to his roommate; Nataku seemed to have settled down at the desk with some of the paper and pencils he had kept from the study, and was.... drawing? Zetsu moved closer, setting Nataku's food down on the desk for him. "What are you working on?"
Tags: !incomplete, !night 001, war prince nataku (saiyuki), zetsu (naruto)
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