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An Anxious Arrival [Inactive, Complete]

Characters: Namine, Zetsu, Machi, open
Setting: Entrance, Grand Room
Time: Day One, morning
Summary: Namine arrives in the Dollsy house and already fears for her life.  It's not even dark yet!
Warnings: Zetsu.

   For a long time, she’d wondered what it would be like – to be whole.


Now, at long last, it seemed she would finally know.  It was very strange, to be certain – suddenly feeling… anything.  She’d had memories of emotions before, a bare semblance of them – but this, this….


  This little twinge of energy in her heart – uncomfortable and yet at the same time so exhilarating – anxiety?  But a good anxiety; she’d finally been reunited with her other.  Her vision was clouded over with golden light which she was vaguely aware was coming from herself.


And then there was a sudden jolt, almost as if she’d tripped, or tried to put her foot on a stair that wasn’t there.  A shock of worry shot through her just as the golden light suddenly snuffed out and was replaced with thick darkness.



  The next sensation Namine was aware of was that of waking, although she did not remember having fallen asleep.  The moment before was still so vivid in her memory, and yet she felt as though some time had passed between that instant and this one. 


Was… was she dead?


  She shoved the thought away quickly.  Where had that come from?  The last thing she remembered was rejoining Kairi.  So, then, was she in Kairi’s heart?  It was much darker than she’d expected.  And… hard?  And very, very cold.  Puzzled, she flexed her fingers a little, probing at the smooth surface she was lying on.  It felt like… stone?  It wasn’t until her eyes opened in surprise that she realized that they had been closed.


  It was stone, indeed – marble, by the look of it.  She pushed herself upright.  She seemed to be in the entryway of a house.  She didn’t have much experience physically wandering around in someone’s heart, but this honestly wasn’t what she’d expected.  Glancing around, she spotted what appeared to be the front door.  Maybe if she took a look outside, she’d know where she was?


  She got to her feet, feeling a little shaky.  She took a few careful steps towards the door and placed her hand on the handle.  This place just seemed to love doing the unexpected, because the door did not swing open as expected.  “Huh?”  She tugged on the handle, but to no avail.  She even wrapped her other hand around it and put all her meager weight into it, but the door wouldn’t budge.  This was so strange – weren’t front doors supposed to lock from the inside?  Well, strange or not, it was a fact – there was no way to get it open.


Okay, so she was stuck.


  In somebody else’s house.


  It was about that time that it occurred to her that she was trespassing.


  She let go of the door’s handle suddenly, staggering backwards a few steps as if she’d just bumped into something fragile.  She was in somebody else’s house.  Somebody that could be a serial killer, or a gun-owner who didn’t take kindly to unwelcomed guests.  Her throat let out a distressed whimper of its own accord.  She was going to die.


  Or maybe not!  No one had found her yet!  Maybe – maybe if she just stayed put and explained herself…?  Yes, that might work!  …Or at least, she had to hope it would.


  She edged her way towards the door at the other end of the entrance hall carefully, wincing every time her footsteps made too much noise.  Cautiously, she poked her head through the door and peered around this new room.  It was large, and appeared to be some kind of sitting room.  It was very well furnished, and an impressive black piano was present was well.  Judging by the light from the windows, it was morning.  Maybe the owner wasn’t awake yet?


  Taking a deep breath, the girl tiptoed her way into the room and, after a moment’s hesitation, sat down awkwardly on one of the many couches.  She sat on the very edge of the seat, her back rigid.  She locked her ankles together and placed her hands on her thighs, her fingers fisting around the light material of her skirt tightly enough to leave temporary wrinkles.

Tags: !complete, !day 001, machi tobaye (ace attorney), naminé (kingdom hearts), zetsu (naruto)
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