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Bath Time [Active/Open]

Characters: Kiryuu Zero, open
Setting: Copper Bathroom
Time: Day 002
Summary: After a bloody night Zero cleans up in the Copper Bathroom and does not seem to be inclined to come out any time soon.
Warnings: none

Morning found Zero on his knees, offering his prayers to the god of procelain. Or rather copper, seeing as all fixtures of the bathroom were made of it. The hunter couldn't quite remember how he had gotten here. The last hours were a blur to him, a wild recollection of snapshot images and sensations that hardly made sense.
He shuddered, limbs trembling and he heaved again, spitting bits of half rotten flesh and blood so old it was black.

All things considered, he probably didn't want to make sense of it anyway.

He was aching all over, feeling weak as a new born kitten, as he stumbled to his feet and to the sink, intend to rinse his mouth with mouthwash until that horrible taste of decay was gone.
Zero would probably gargle for hours.

It took a bit of time to work the fixtures, his blood stained fingers slipping and staining the polished metal. The water ran red when he stuck his hand under the flow.
Tiredly he looked up into the mirror and startled, nearly stumbling a step back at the sight. Maybe it was the copper shine that made it looks so bad, but he looked like death warmed over twice and chased through a war zone. Gore splattered from head to toe, clothes torn and barely hanging onto his trembling frame.

Well, fuck.
The sink probably wouldn't do much good.

He struggled out of his jacket, the gun holster and two knifes following a moment after. Zero didn't bother with anything else.
The shower was turned on to a nearly burning hot temperature and he staggered under the spray, sinking to the floor and slowly closing his eyes as the night's strain caught up with him.
Tags: !complete, !day 002, kiryuu zero (vampire knight)
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