Euphemia li Britannia (gyakusatsuhime) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Euphemia li Britannia

Second verse, same as the first! [Active/Extremely open!]

Characters: Everyone ever!
Setting: Eight, eight, eight islands in one!
Time: Night 010, after the Haunting Update
Summary: People flail, other stuff happens.
OOC: Same as the previous post: Separate threads for separate interactions. If you want to tag a particular thread, comment with a placeholder so nobody cuts in line, then edit that comment (or post a new one and delete the placeholder).

The rumbling will prove unnerving to some. It's loud, almost deafening, and then several of the islands in the distance become closer, clearer. There are seven of them, and they slam together. Then, without warning, they crash into the island on which the two houses had stood. Suddenly, everyone has much more land to stand on. The increase in land might help ease the crowding, but it does nothing for the other problems: There is still no food or water anywhere to be found, and no shelter.

There is, however, a strange little pond to be found somewhere upon the newly-increased island.

It's still the dead of night. Dawn won't be coming for a long, long while.

Tags: !night 010, *outside, akasuna no sasori (naruto), alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), baki (naruto), black jack/hazama kuroo (black jack), ciel phantomhive (kuroshitsuji), euphemia li britannia (code geass), fletcher tringham (fullmetal alchemist), kimihiro watanuki (xxxholic), misty (pokémon), stella telmes (tales of legendia), uchiha madara/tobi (naruto), xerxes break (pandora hearts)
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