Rorschach (inkblotjustice) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Licking Their Wounds [Complete]

Characters: Rorschach, Anita Blake, Machi Tobaye
Setting: Copper Bathroom
Time: Night 001 (not long after the Bloody Bones thread)
Summary: An injured Rorschach takes an unconscious Anita to a safer place; Machi follows behind.
Warnings: Blood, gore, horror... the usual.

The door burst open, and Rorschach stumbled in, feeling as if he could barely hold the woman up, let alone himself. His body wasn't cooperating with him this night - not that he could blame it, after the beating it had taken from the crazed wolf-thing he had battled with. Seeing a convenient place to drop her, he gently lifted Anita's into the bathtub, before collapsing against its side, head down now, finally coming down from the adrenaline that had been pumping steadily through his veins.

He needed rest, that he knew, but he also needed medical attention. The creature hadn't bit him (though his hands had suffered some fang damage), which given its decomposing state was a blessing, but he needed to check if his wounds were infected. Slowly, reluctantly, he raised his hands to unbutton his jacket, feeling somewhat vulnerable without it but deeming it necessary to ascertain his wounds. The jacket had protected him against belly wounds, but his hip was badly scratched, as was his left shoulder and neck area. No internal injuries, which was a blessing, but nonetheless he ran the risks of infected wounds and losing too much blood.

As the blonde boy came in, he looked up weakly at him, the less injured of the three of them. "Ennh... check medicine cabinet," he instructed him, not really caring what the boy thought of his voice. He was used to strong reactions of disgust from other people - this was no different. "Find what you can. Bandages. Hydrogen peroxide. Need to treat wounds if wishing to function when dawn breaks."
Tags: !complete, !night 001, anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), machi tobaye (ace attorney), rorschach (watchmen)
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