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Emil Castagnier

Needs More Unperishables [Active, Closed]

Characters: Emil Castagnier, Alphonse Elric
Setting: Outside, around the island's center.
Time: Night 010
Summary: For strength and not dying, food is needed. For food, a way past the hellhounds is needed. For a way past the hellhounds...
Warnings: None right now.

All Emil's stored food had already been consumed weeks ago, before it went rotten and he had to throw it out. After that he'd been lazy on refilling his supplies; he'd never expected the house to disappear, taking the food with it. Well, that taught him.

One of the worst parts was that Emil wasn't the only one to suffer for his mistake. He had two other mouths to feed, and even though they could go a little longer without food than humans he knew they wouldn't be able to last forever. Monsters had tried to eat him before...not that his own monsters would! He trusted them and they trusted him, and neither of them were really the type to eat people anyway.

He wasn't sure what ghosts like Mattias ate in the first place, outside of the food he gave them now. Dreams? Other ghosts?

...He didn't want an answer to that. If he'd asked that out loud before getting stuck here, Tenebrae probably would have told him regardless. Emil laughed nervously to himself at the thought before the gnawing sensation in his stomach reminded him why he was here in the first place, working up the courage to go and fight the monsters guarding the orchard and the only source of untaken food he could see around. He could see others eying the orchard, too, and the monsters with it.

How much of that fruit could he--no, it would never be enough for everybody unless Emil managed to get rid of them all. He wasn't sure how well he or Ratatosk could take just one of them now that he'd been starving for days. Even just a little would help him feel better.

But he had to get the food first, to eat it. It all came back to getting his hands on some of the fruit. Emil sighed, signaling for his monsters to follow him. He drew his sword slowly as he approached within about fifteen yards from the monsters, trying to steel himself for running into a fight.
Tags: !night 010, #hellhounds, #monsters, *outside, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), emil castagnier (tales of symphonia)
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