Axl (copycat_fanboy) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

shame on you for thinking you're all alone [active/open]

Characters: Axl, Lucifer, others?
Setting: the Nursery
Time: Night 11
Summary: It's Axl's second night in the house, and he's out patrolling on his own-- after all, it's still his job to keep the bad guys at bay, right? He might not be back home anymore, but he can still help people whenever he can. But in the room you'd least expect, he finds something that gives him nightmares pause. One touch can't possibly be dangerous, right?
Warnings: Lucifer.

Well, it was night again in the house, and Axl still didn't want to be there. He was determined that there was a way out of this place, and he knew would find it-- where and how was what escaped him. The rain pounded the house from all around; it combined with the dark and the thought of what could be hiding around every corner gave him a chill. This place wasn't like anywhere he'd ever been before-- at least he knew what was in the creepy junkyards back home. Here, there were things he'd never seen and never wanted to see strolling down the halls like they belonged there. And, honestly, nights like tonight really set the stage for them.

"This place is spooky," Axl murmured, clutching his guns tight. He was far more wound up than he'd ever admit, he thought prepared for whatever he could possibly run into.

But he turned a corner and found himself staring into something he'd never expected to find there-- a child's nursery. He stepped inside despite all the red flags a room like this sent up-- creepy kids were all over horror stories, right? But the place was filled with the sounds of rain and construction, not of monsters. It was quiet. Maybe, if nothing else, this room could serve as a safe base.

He scanned the area around him with his eyes, not picking up any movement; he made himself relax after a moment, lowering his weapons. The room was empty. Except... something in the corner of his eye bothered him. A crib. He couldn't put his finger on what, but something about it...

Approaching the crib, he suddenly realized what it was, and he stared, wide-eyed at it-- a baby, but it wasn't anything like any human babies he'd seen. Where were its eyes? Was it... dead? He had heard of the house's tricks before, but knew nothing of the nature of them; the possibility that this could be one didn't even cross his mind.

Curiously, and, admittedly, very foolishly, he slowly made to touch it-- to see if it was, indeed, dead. Despite the lack of eyes, he hoped that, maybe, it was somehow still alive... maybe there was something he could do. He had to at least try.

He wasn't anticipating an interruption, but, then again, knowing to anticipate anything in that place was impossible or, at best, pointless.

Tags: !night 011, *acedia, axl (megaman x), lucifer (constantine)
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