Light Yagami (lookatmyeyes) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Light Yagami

[Heaven forbid you end up alone, Active, Open]

Characters: Light, open
Setting: At the entrance
Time: Night
Summary: Light stumbles into the house, making his entrance
Warnings: None

Admittedly, the first thing he noticed was the sudden lack of handcuffs dangling from his wrist rather than the fact that he was no longer at L's side, hovering over a computer screen. It was a nice feeling, but the relief quickly disappeared when he finally realized where he was--or, rather, wasn't. He looked around, tugged at the door, and simply stared when the door wouldn't open.

"...This has to be a dream." Light told himself. This didn't make any sense. He had been with L, then he was suddenly here. It was strange enough that he thought he slipped while standing still, but this was ridiculous. "It's gotta be that I haven't slept in nearly two days...I might have passed out and now I'm dreaming." he tried to reason, but no amount of sensible logic was making him believe himself.

Light sighed, put his hand to his forehead, and took a deep breath. "Dream or not, I better look around...maybe I'll find someone I know." It was faint, but at least he had a glimmer of hope. The sooner he found someone--preferably L or his father--the sooner he could get back to working on the Kira case.
Tags: !night 011, *acedia, kairi (kingdom hearts), light yagami (death note), usopp (one piece)
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