paper_witch (paper_witch) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Joint Therapy [Closed/Complete]

Characters: Naminé, Machi
Setting: Grand Room
Time: Day 11, later in the day.
Summary: Naminé and Machi end up in the same place at the same time. Issues occur.
Warnings: Emo, possible violence, possible swearing.

When Naminé ended up in the Grand Room once again, it was with a frown and worried, distant eyes. She'd already been through the house - multiple times - and by now she was starting to think...


She wasn't going to think that. She wasn't going to let herself think that. Maybe it was childish, maybe it was stupid, maybe it was only giving herself a false hope, but she wasn't ready to say it. Not yet.

Rayne couldn't be gone.


Could she?

No. That was stupid. It wasn't possible. Rayne wouldn't just--

She just needed to stop thinking about it. Then it would all go away.

Sighing, she sat herself down on one of the couches in the room. It was still daytime. There was no danger. And as much as she wanted she wanted to go back to her room, to curl up in her bed and pull the pillow over her head and just block out that nagging feeling in the back of her mind... she didn't want to go back when she knew the room would only be empty.
Tags: !complete, !day 011, *acedia, machi tobaye (ace attorney), naminé (kingdom hearts)
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