Gregory House (moarvicodin) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Gregory House

Human Biology 101 [ACTIVE/CLOSED]

Characters: House, Mewtwo
Setting: By the copper bathroom
Time: Day 011
Summary: ...Mewtwo wants to know why humans need bathrooms. House approaches this question with care and consideration, making sure to keep his answer as clean and as tasteful as possible. Just like he does with everything.
Warnings: Guys. It's Mewtwo and House. Come on. XD

Gregory House hadn't been able to keep anything remotely resembling food down since the house reappeared. It was bad enough that he had been starving to death out there, but he had been forced to come clean. He had been stuck on that damn island for weeks without vicodin or alcohol. Hell, he hadn't had so much as an asprin. There had been nothing to help the pain and when food had finally become available he was hardly able to keep that down.

Now that the house was back there was STILL no vicodin. His stash had not reappeared with it and he simply did not have the energy to search the house to see if it could have shown up somewhere else. In fact the only thing he was able to bring himself to do was...well...nothing, really. He had been drinking a lot, not alochol, but water. A lot of water. He liked to carry around a cup. It was easier to keep his hands from shaking when he had something to hold on to. House did try to eat every now and then, but he would just end up throwing it back up.

As one would assume, consuming as much water as he had, he had been making several trips to the bathroom. He tried to avoid moving as much as possible. Walking was not a pleasant process right now, but his bladder could only hold out for so long. One such trip had just come to an end and he washed his hands without so much as glancing at his reflection in the mirror before limping slowly and painfully out the door.

Tags: !day 011, *acedia, gregory house (house m.d.), mewtwo (pokémon)
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