Tatsumi Kanji (kickassncrafts) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Tatsumi Kanji

light lives in the darkness [active, closed]

Characters: Kanji and Naoto
Setting: Sewing Room
Time: Night 11
Summary: Naoto meeets up with a post-experiment Kanji.
Warnings: angst, maybe language

Kanji didn't remember when he'd moved last. He'd eaten when he was hungry, though he wasn't sure why he bothered, but other than that he hadn't done much walking around. He had parked himself under a sewing machine near the back of the room--shoved over a bit to be closer to the wall--and had just remained.

He didn't really want to do much of anything. Just staying out of the way was enough. It was more than enough for him, really. At some point, he realized night had fallen. He wondered if the monsters would even bother attacking something that looked so inhuman. They didn't seem to be in this room, though, so he didn't care.

He worried about the others, but--they could take care of themselves. Looking like this, he'd just be a burden.
Tags: !night 011, *acedia, kanji tatsumi (persona 4), naoto shirogane (persona 4)
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