Akito/Agito Wanijima (fanged_wings) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Akito/Agito Wanijima

Arrival [Active/Open]

Characters: Akito/Agito Wanijima, open
Setting: Entrance room
Time: Night 11
Summary: Akgi arrives. And isn't at all impressed
Warnings: Agito swears. A lot. He's also liable to lash out, so maybe violence? AG spoilers

The dark sighed, leaning back in the hospital bed and watching his teammates around him being idiots. Akito was giggling softly in his mind, watching over his shoulder. Agito rolled his eye at his other half.

'Glad one of us is amused at this stupidity.'
'Don't be mean Agito. They earned a chance to celebrate after beating Behemoth.'

"Tch," he replied out loud. His team had earned the chance to celebrate, but did they have to be idiots? And perverts. Onigiri and the others kept trying to look up the nurses skirts. It made the light giggle in his mind while Agito groaned. Eventually the shark started getting pissed off at the stupidity in the room. He twitched slightly, growling as the others fooled around. Kazu was trying to balance plates on a stick, and when they inevitably crashed to the ground to break, that did it.


A small-but-enraged shark was good motive to move it. Agito shoved the others out of his room with a snarl, glaring death at them all the way down the corridor before turning to go and get back into bed before the idiot doctors got on his case.

He wasn't expecting to trip.

Agito pinwheeled slightly as he slipped on something (probably one of those damn plates...) but was unable to stop himself falling forwards. Akito yelped in his mind, calling out to him. The dark slammed his hands out to catch himself, wincing as his collarbone complained. He pushed himself back to his feet, muttering curses under his breath. And froze.

This wasn't the hospital. What...where the hell were they?


"I don’t know. But I plan to fucking find out." He was pissed now. He was going to find out where he was, how they'd gotten here and find a way back home. Preferably while kicking the ass of the idiot who'd dragged them here. Fucking hell...
Tags: !night 011, *acedia, akito/agito wanijima (air gear), kazuhiko yukimi (nabari no ou)
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