Emil Castagnier (chaos_squirrel) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Emil Castagnier

We can only trust that we're fleeing towards the correct path [Active/Open]

Characters: Emil Castagnier, Machi Tobaye
Setting: Twisted Hallway/Projector Room
Time: Night 11
Summary: Emil hides out from monsters and encounters someone he doesn't quite remember.
Warnings: Punctuation abuse Nothing yet.

Normally Emil would be searching for a way out whenever he wasn't trying to get some food or running from something trying to kill him. Since the house disappeared (well, the first house now that a second one had come up; and really, he'd given up trying to understand how it all worked) Emil had started to realize how useless his attempts had been from the start. Unless what he'd seen was an illusion, he and everyone else were trapped on an island in the sky. There was no way out for anyone who couldn't fly, and even if someone could there might not be any guarantee of escape.

Still, Emil would have rather known all this and felt demoralized than to never have known at all. Even if things seemed bleak, he'd learned some things. First, there was no obvious way out even if he was outside of the house. Second, supplies were important. He'd taken to stocking his pack again with long-lasting food so that if the house ever disappeared again, starvation wouldn't come so quickly. Third, somehow Marta was here. It didn't really make sense, but it was true and technically it was something he'd learned.

So what did that mean for now? He still had to find an exit (there had to be an exit--he'd never give up hope on that) and if it wasn't outside that meant maybe it was hidden, or required some sort of magic. If it was the latter it explained why nobody had managed to find the exit after so long--Emil himself didn't have any magic. Except...

That wasn't important. Even if it was, he didn't know how to tap into that power himself and Emil had no way to communicate this sort of thing to his other self. And he'd really rather not try it right now. It just didn't feel right. Besides, there was no reason it would work in this situation. Right?

It had to be something else, other than that. If anything, the Sorcerer's Ring was more likely to get him out because there were more than one of those. But that meant there was some kind of trigger somewhere that he needed to find.

...And now that there was a new house to replace the old one, all his searching in the past had been nullified. He hadn't been able to find it in what should have been months; in two weeks he'd had about as much success.

As he examined the walls for anything that might lead to something--a crack in the wall, maybe a hidden passageway (didn't haunted houses always have hidden passageways? The temples did)--he heard a noise, alerting him to something approaching him from behind. Some kind of monster, one he hadn't seen before. He definitely didn't want to get any nearer, either. Whatever it was, the monster was warped and grotesque, and just looking at it made him queasy.

There was a door just five feet away, thank goodness. Entering would mean getting closer to the monster already advancing toward him, but if he went fast enough--

Emil flinched as he passed the monster and darted toward the door, opening the door and slamming it as soon as he and his monsters were inside. He breathed a sigh of relief: safe.
Tags: !night 011, *acedia, emil castagnier (tales of symphonia), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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