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my voice just echoes off these walls [active, open]

Characters: Yoh Takami, open.
Setting: Entrance Room.
Time: Night 11.
Summary: Yoh enters the house, bloodied and broken.
Warnings: some language and the usual crap that goes with blood.

It had already been a while since Yoh had arrived.

It's almost time for your sister's punishment game, isn't it?

It had already been a while since Yoh had arrived, collapsed against the Entrance Room's grand oak doors, staining the fine, aged wood to an unnatural mahogany shade. And there he sat, collapsed, alone, with nothing but the director's voice resonating in his head.

That's actually quite the popular program around here. I wonder what we'll get this time?

His prison-issued jumpsuit was stained with blood. His skin was soaked in it.

Maybe we'll pluck her legs off, or maybe we'll slice off her nose...

"God damn it!" (he cried--) (--his voice hoarse, raspy, tired.)

But it was no use. His breathing was heavy--but irregular. His fists were closed, his nails digging into his palms, with nothing to stop the bleeding from the wounds all over his body (I worked so hard--) (I worked so damn hard for all those years--) (--what right does that bastard have to say to me that I can't even save my own sister?). His miserable sight didn't leave the entrance room as he looked up at the ceiling, painting the entrance doors red with blood from cuts and bullet holes that refused to close.

It took a while for it to even occur to him that this place wasn't a part of the Wonderland--but as he looked around, he could feel his heart against his chest. Palpitation after palpitation, almost as if it were trying to punch through his skin all together.

He grit his teeth as he finally pushed his head off the wall and tried to stand--but it was no use. He was in no shape to move, no shape to be moved--no shape to be alive, even, but it was a miracle and he wasn't about to fight about the call. He could barely adjust himself and let his head roll back as his vision blurred.

The sound of construction did not register. His mind was spent on other things.

Deadmen are incredibly valuable commodities... how could I just let them leave?

He closed his eyes. The blood pooled.


(--Minatsuki, I'm not going to die here.)
Tags: !night 011, *acedia, nabuca (now and then here and there), yoh takami (deadman wonderland)
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