Black Leg Sanji (blacklegsanji) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Black Leg Sanji

A day is never enough [Active/Open]

Characters: Sanji, anyone
Setting: Observatory
Time: Day 12, dawn
Summary: Sanji sees the sun rising and wonders why day has come so quickly. Ace contemplates killing the cook.
Warnings: None yet

Dawn arrived quickly.

Sanji stared at the window of the second floor observatory in shock. It was dawn? The sun was coming up? But it hadn't been long enough for a night, had it?

His stomach churned as he stepped closer to the window. It was definitely day, but . . . no. Trying to make sense of the house never ended well. Still, the night had ended early. That meant things would go back to "normal" around there, even if "normal" was a relative term in this place.

He put his hands on the windowsill and stared out at the surroundings and sighed. At least they'd gotten through the night safey.

Tags: *acedia, portgas d. ace (one piece), sanji (one piece), story (lady in the water)
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