Kimihiro Watanuki (slavetoyuuko) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Kimihiro Watanuki

Baking is good for your health. Active/Closed

Characters: Watanuki, Sasuke
Setting: Kitchen
Time: Day 12
Summary: Watanuki retreats to the kitchen to replenish his baked good supplies
Warnings: None so far

Watanuki had retreated to the kitchen as soon as dawn start to arrive. He was sure that the House was still settling from the night, and he was sure there was still danger afoot, but he didn't want to be in the room any longer.

Besides, this day felt weird. The days always felt weird, but this felt off from what he had come to expect from the house. He had the feeling that he was being rushed, so whatever needed to get done needed to get done fast. Yuuko had always told him to trust himself more, so he was going to accept the weird impulse and rush a bit.

The Pipe Fox was curled comfortable on the counter, watching him bake and seeming relaxed.

"Slow night, huh buddy?" he murmured, spooning the dough to the trays. Recipes were soothing, even in this messed up ghost house, they didn't change their ingredients.

Luffy gave a solemn chirp in response.
Tags: !day 012, kimihiro watanuki (xxxholic), uchiha sasuke (naruto)
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