Akasuna no Sasori (marionettewaltz) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Akasuna no Sasori

Out and About [Active/Open]

Characters: Sasori, open
Setting: rose hallway
Time: Day 12, afternoon
Summary: Sasori investigates the sudden switch to daytime.
Warnings: Sasori, though he's surprisingly calm today

Daytime wasn't supposed to arrive quite yet--he'd gotten used to the cycle of the house, and it was early. But more importantly, it was fast. It was already afternoon, when it should have still been morning. Early morning, at that. So he'd left his room, and his work, to see what had changed since he last left.

The house had been surprisingly agreeable to him--he was left to his work, and he did just that, unless there were situations forcing him to leave. But maybe he had been too complacent. There was work to be done at home, as well, and he couldn't do it here. By his reckoning, he had been here for about a year.

He walked on. He would have to do something about this, then. Time-space jutsu weren't his specialty, but he could learn.
Tags: !day 012, *acedia, akasuna no sasori (naruto), johan liebert (monster)
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