red_delights (red_delights) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

The guy who put his hands on you [COMPLETE]

Characters: Lucifer
Setting: Tower
Time: Night 12
Summary: Lucifer releases the zombies
Warnings: Usual Lucifer warnings. Just a one shot type thing to cause trouble

Lucifer had been exploring the house since he left Axl in the hospital. He didn't notice day until it was noon and the sun was searing him through the windows. Then he tried to ignore the sunlight (and failed. he was slightly charred now) and had started to head towards the tallest point in the house, a tower.

The journey there was incredibly boring until night fell. Lucifer felt the evil in the house surge to life with a tantalizing strength. Out of the windows he saw the sky ebb and change and for one glorious second he thought he saw his kingdom but frowned when he realized it was just Arizona in the middle of a haboob.

That's when he got to top of the stairs leading up the tower. There was a closed door with grunts and scrapes echoing behind it. He was tempted to see what was in there but wasn't keen on getting attacked by whatever it was. He levitated himself so that his beck pressed against the ceiling and with a wave of his hands the doors opened.

"Perfect," He smirked as the most beautiful sight he had ever seen burst forth and swept down the stairs, totally ignoring his presence. They didn't see him floating above them and these...zombies (<i>demons, they could be demons</i>) didn't care. They rushed down the stairs into the rest of the house, ready to cause trouble.
Tags: !night 012, #monsters, *acedia, lucifer (constantine)
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