Rolo Lamperouge (caramelcenter) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Rolo Lamperouge

Introduction [ active/open ]

Characters: Rolo Lamperouge & anyone who just so happens to be in the Grand Room.
Setting: The entrance/grand room.
Time: A tiny bit backdated to daytime.
Summary: Rolo arrives; and his first instinct is to run around with his gun drawn. Maybe night hitting sometime in the log?
Warnings: Nothing so far, will update as it becomes relevant.

Something slipped.

He’s not sure what it was-- the ground or him-- but something did. Something moved from under the legs of his Knightmare, maybe the ship lurched forwards or fell back suddenly, and he was sent tumbling out through the roof of the cockpit. Rolo was fastened in his seat, the metal solid as ever, there’s absolutely no way he could have fallen out--

But he did. And now here’s here.

The first thing that sets in is panic-- panic because he doesn’t know where Lelouch is, where he is, especially at such a crucial time, panic because Lelouch could be dead by now and he would be absolutely powerless and unable to do a damn thing.

The front door doesn’t open. He tries it immediately, not really caring or bothering to check for some sort of trigger-- some sort of rig set to explode if the doorknob is moved. It won’t open. Rolo tries a few more times, frustrated, and only after taking out his handgun and firing a round into it to no avail does he try to calm himself. Only after wasting ammunition does he take a deep breath and survey his surroundings.

Obviously he’s in a house. Of course he’s in a house. But just from the entry room it seems more like a mansion than a house, elaborately decorated in marble and delicate pretty trim. The table is the sort of thing you might seen in the homes of nobles; the flowers fresh. It’s a beautiful greeting room.

They left him his weapons; upon checking, the habitual extra magazine and switchblade are still there along with his gun. That’s interesting, but he doesn’t question it much. He’s just glad to have the weight of his gun fit snugly into the palm of his hands as he creeps across the room, past what is obviously a closet and into something that surely only a mansion could be outfitted with.
Tags: !day 012, *acedia, cherry (saber marionette j), rolo lamperouge (code geass)
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