Rena Ryugu (nomoreglass) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Rena Ryugu

One Less Sin [Complete, Closed]

Characters: Rena, Daniella.
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Night 012
Summary: Rena arrives, confused and panicked.
Warnings: She'll probably want to open Alison's closet. :|

The clank of metal against stone was the first thing Rena heard upon her arrival, followed by an odd sobbing sound. Did she hit him? Was he still-...where was her cleaver? Rena opened her eyes as she scrambled up from the marble floor to lean against a...door? She saw her machete on the floor where it fell, and she quickly scooped it up. Where was she?

Her breathe began to come in shallow gasps, and she barely resisted to urge to call out for help. That man could still be around, and the last thing she wanted to do was announce her presence. Reluctantly, she began to take in the scenery, noting the table, the door behind her, the closet, and the fact that her blade was spotless. Spotless? The grip on her machete tightened. Did Houjou overpower her and lock her in a strange house? If that was the case, why did she still have a weapon? Her attention was jerked away from that thought when she noticed something that sent chills up her spine.

There was crying coming from the closet.
Tags: !complete, !night 012, #ghosts, *acedia, daniella (haunting ground), rena ryugu (higurashi)
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