Miku Hinasaki (ropefearing) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Miku Hinasaki

It's raining again... [Complete]

Characters: Miku Hinasaki
Setting: Red Bedroom
Time: Day 012, mid-day
Summary: Miku finds a room that looks empty and collapses in it to rest and think.
Warnings: None.

She was quiet and avoiding the other residents of the house, at this point. She was fixated on her own thoughts, and on trying to figure out what to do. She was fighting to keep going, and to keep looking but it was becoming harder daily. She found this room - this room that it looked like no one had used for a while. It was day and she just wanted to rest, to be alone for a little while... she was scared, honestly. At least... at least it was a half decent place to stay, so she at least had a place to sleep, now...

The night had seemed particularly long to Miku; maybe it had been her realisations from the previous day, during her talk with Kei, but she was... beginning to feel hopeless. It had been so long already, and she didn't want to give up hope, but she was beginning to find it hard. She'd been looking for any signs of him - of her brother - since she had arrived, and it had already been a few months. At least two - and what did that mean for Mafuyu? She had left him alone there for so long now... was he even okay any more?

The thought scared her more than anything in this house ever had.
Tags: !complete, !day 012, *acedia, miku hinasaki (fatal frame)
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