Mewtwo (replicat) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

For I Must Die For What I've Done [Very Very Open, Active]

Characters: Mewtwo, Zetta, Agkito, Story, House, Liquid, Riccardo, Misty, more.
Time: Night 012... he dies very early, the rampage is actually around the time everyone is trying for envelopes.
Summary: Mewtwo has died and revives in the attic. He proceeds to go on a psychotic rampage.
Warnings: Character death. Lots of it. Also violence. Lots of it. Also formatting abuse. Lots of it. Mewtwo: He's so angry.


This... was death!

It had been so sudden, and so... painful...

He was dead.

The hands... from the wall...

They had destroyed him.

He was dead.

In the attic, a slowly forming mass of white and purple skin and muscle began to glow.



The rage fermented. Disbelief and anger mixed dangerously with deep memory, building under pressure as his body came to be... the glow flared brighter and brighter, magnifying with his rage and increasing power, each feeding off the other until finally--

He was.

A blinding, all-obliterating explosion of blue light created a shere, then suddenly filled the attic, broken only by a brighter ball of light, a globe of power containing within it Mewtwo. He hovered, thin arms spread wide, his eyes themselves no longer eyes but blazing conduits of raw psychic energy, manifested visibly as overwhelmingly bright blue light. For a few moments, nothing could be seen. Then suddenly the flare ceased, disspating to leave nothing but the walls and bare infratructure intact, protected only by the magic of the house itself, and he shot out of the attic, still encompassed by the brilliant blue orb as he flew erratically through the hall.

No more.

[[OOC: Start a new comment chain for each character, please, unless they are together when Mewtwo attacks. There is not really any necessary chronological order for this, but that's the only way I'll be able to keep track of whom I'm injuring/killing/etc. Specifing injury/death in the subject line helps too, but isn't necessary if you've replied to the OOC post.

Also, characters are free to stop/fight him, but I'm going to ask that you only do so if you are ALSO willing for that character to be killed or at the very least seriously injured.

Bonus mood-setter.]]
Tags: !character death, !night 012, *acedia, akito/agito wanijima (air gear), axl (megaman x), gregory house (house m.d.), liquid snake (metal gear solid), mewtwo (pokémon), misty (pokémon), riccardo belli (haunting ground), zetta (makai kingdom)
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