Shilo Wallace (cagedinfection) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Shilo Wallace

Now I am sequestered [Active/Open]

Characters: Shilo Wallace, open
Setting: Starting out in the hospital bedroom, moving
Time: beginning/early Night 012
Summary: Shilo meets the little boy under her bed and runs the hell away? B|
Warnings: Nothing big!

Shilo was in her room when the night hit. That was the best place to be, right? She'd never encountered anything dangerous in there, so, as far as she was concerned, it was safe. She still hated this room a little, and yet she wouldn't leave it, for whatever reason. She didn't even completely get it herself, but it probably didn't matter. Anyway, she hadn't seen her father or Mewtwo in a while...

She was sitting on the edge of one of the beds, bored and looking around - out the window at the sky a few times - before she noticed something surprising. The bed across from hers - there was a little boy there. A few years younger than her, at least, cowering under the bed there. She hadn't been expecting that, to say the least.

"Hey, uh... are you okay?" she asked, a bit dubiously as she slid off the bed. The kid looked frightened. She glanced out at the window again, briefly and nervously, and when she looked back... he was gone. "Wh-what?" she stumbling for a minute at her surprise. Where had he -

Suddenly she found herself tripping forward, something icy cold (she could tell even through her boots) grabbing onto her right ankle and causing her to trip and fall to the floor. With a look of horror she looked back - there was that little boy again, hand grasped tight onto her ankle. He had made her fall and his touch was so cold and oh god he was reaching up still.

"L-let go!" she snapped, trying to sound brave, moving her left leg in an attempt to kick him off as he tried to grab more onto her.
Tags: !night 012, #ghosts, #hellhounds, *acedia, marcus wright (terminator), shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera)
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