Kairi (heartsawakening) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

You will surely shatter. [Active/Open]

Characters: Kairi, chaos, anyone else.
Setting: East Hallway, 2nd Floor, and moving around.
Time: Night 012, after the Laternkeeper leaves.
Summary: Kairi decides to find somewhere relatively safe. This hallway kind of isn't.
Warnings: Bruises, blood, and broken bones probable. Afterwords? Who knows. :|

The house: in a way, it had changed again. No room was safe, but she was sure there were places where ghosts and monsters did not lurk. Sometimes the hauntings could be mere annoyances, and that was what she was aiming for. The girl climbed the stairs from the first floor, west hallway, which opened up into the east wing on the second floor. She hesitated for a moment, scanning the perimeter. The hallway seemed placid, calm. Everything was in pristine condition and order. She could hear no howling ghouls or the skittering of monsters' nails on the floor.

She took a tentative step forward, testing the grounds. The floor seemed stable; no sinking feeling or hands reaching out of the tiles to get her. Kairi shook her head, clearing it. She was set and determined to get from point A to B, and her eyes were focused on the end of the hallway. She took another step, now, more confidently. It was the third step, however, that sent her sprawling.

As though she had tripped, Kairi fell onto the cold marble floor with a hard thud of her body's weight and click as her jaw hit the ground. The impact caused her teeth to clamp together, cutting through the tip of her tongue, and making her wince her eyes shut in pain.

The redhead regained herself, pushing up from her hands and elbows and touching the tip of her tongue. A rush of copper filled her mouth, and she gagged. "What . . ." Staring at it, she drew her bloodied fingertips away. What had just happened? It was as though the floor had shifted all of a sudden. For now she remained on the ground, unsure of whether or not she should get up again.
Tags: !night 012, *acedia, *moving around, chaos (xenosaga), kairi (kingdom hearts)
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