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We live on to make our wish come true [Active | Open]

Characters: Edward Elric, and anybody who bumps into him
Setting: around the entrance
Time: some time after Night 12 falls
Summary: Edward Elric arrives. Again, apparently
Warnings: ... it's Ed. which means violence and cursing, among other stuff.

Edward scowled as he pulled himself back up into a sitting position, rubbing at his neck and stretching the aches and pains out of his back. He hadn’t expected the floor to suddenly give out like that underneath him; it had been all underground tunnels they were traversing, and he’d been almost certain that there weren’t any levels below the one he and the others had already been wandering around. Though he supposed that with alchemy skill as high as that bearded freak’s, the floor could be laden with all sorts of weird traps.

Letting out an exhausted sigh as he carefully rolled his right shoulder, Ed looked straight up above him, looking for the hole he’d fallen through. It wasn’t exactly surprising that there wasn’t one; it must’ve sealed itself off with alchemy. He made a face as he got to his feet, dusting off his jacket as he took a quick look around him… Then did a double take, eyes widening, frown deepening.

“What the fuck…?”

This looked nothing like the tunnels he’d just been in. There were no pipelines, no stench of the sewers… even that rumbling sound of what had to be a distant battle was missing. It looked… like the interior of a house. A dark, creepy house, but a house nonetheless. Either Edward fell through one hell of a hole, or… something else. He wasn’t even sure what that “something else” could potentially be. Part of the trap, maybe. But even using alchemy to make a whole other place beneath the hideaway couldn’t have taken away the smell of blood and filth…

“I knew we were going the wrong damn way,” Ed grumbled under his breath, annoyed, “but nooo, can’t listen to Fullmetal about directions because the colonel thinks he’s such a damn know it all… Stupid, son of a…”

The door behind him, upon further inspection wouldn’t budge. More than being stuck or locked, it simply would not budge. He’d even tried transmuting it apart, breaking it down to little more than subatomic particles, but to no avail. The usual flash of light had been there, but nothing changed, as though he’d transmuted the door right back into its original self. Gold eyes narrowed suspiciously, darting from one side to the other as Ed took a few careful steps into the hallway.

“Colonel?!” he called out, his voice seeming to get swallowed up into the silence. He wasn’t even sure if the others had fallen into the trap with him or not, but his best bet was to start looking. “Lieutenant? Scar?! Can you hear me?!?! Where the hell are you guys?!?!”

He kept walking, staying on his guard. Even if the yelling wasn’t going to get an answer out of the people he was looking for, he was sure that it would grab attention of some sort. Which was still fine. What he really wanted for the moment was a solid answer. “Dammit- Hohenheim?! Ran Fan?! Anybody!!”
Tags: !night 012, #ghosts, #hellhounds, #monsters, *acedia, akito/agito wanijima (air gear), edward elric (fullmetal alchemist)
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