Black Leg Sanji (blacklegsanji) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Black Leg Sanji

Envelopes, envelopes, where are the envelopes? [Active/Open]

Characters: Sanji, anyone
Setting: Acedia
Time: Night 12, shortly after the start of Ace's thread with the Trininghams
Summary: Sanji decides he's done with the house and wants to find some envelopes - will he succeed? The world may never know!
Warnings: It's Night 12, we'll see what happens

After Ace led him to the couch, Sanji got bored. He'd been given a lot to think about.

Everything was connected to the phantasms, it seemed. Well, except for why everyone was there in the first place - maybe there was someone else behind the scenes that they weren't worried about.

Still, sitting around in the Grand Room wasn't going to do anyone any good. He had to find those envelopes.

Sanji got to his feet and tried to pick a direction. Where did he start looking?
Tags: !incomplete, !night 012, #ghosts, #hellhounds, #monsters, *acedia, *moving around, johan liebert (monster), kimihiro watanuki (xxxholic), mewtwo (pokémon), sanji (one piece), sekai saionji (school days), xerxes break (pandora hearts)
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