Sasuke Uchiha (tomatocakes) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Sasuke Uchiha

Solitude [Active//Open]

Characters: Sasuke. Anyone else.
Setting: The Dark Room
Time: Night 012
Summary: Sasuke wakes up to find his brother missing.
Warnings: Heartbreaking sadness

When Sasuke fell asleep, he has been holding onto his brother's arm, his face buried in Itachi's shoulder so he couldn't see the hundreds of eyes on the walls.

When he woke up, he was alone.

The bed was empty besides himself, and the place Itachi had occupied was cold. Sasuke patted it to make sure, but there was nothing. Hesitantly, he raised his gaze to look at a couple of the eyes on the wall. His brother had made sure they were harmless when they first showed up, but Sasuke still preferred not to look at them. The one in the closet was particularly horrifying, as it was about as big as Sasuke's whole torso.

"Did you see where Itachi went?" he whispered to the room. There was no response because there were no ears or mouths. A few of the eyes blinked, while the rest continued to stare at him. It was very unsettling, to the point that after a few seconds Sasuke couldn't help but pull the blanket over his head.

The sheets even smelled like Itachi. Sasuke sniffled. He didn't want to be alone and he didn't want to cry. Ninjas didn't cry, even when their brothers were missing. And yet, Itachi would have said something if he was going to be gone for a while, and there was no way he would have gotten attacked by one of the monsters because he could taken on all of them if he had to. So what was it? Itachi wouldn't just abandon him here, would he? He wouldn't, right? Right?

Sasuke pulled the blanket tighter over himself, and tried to shake that feeling of being watched. In the dark.


What would Itachi do at a time like this? He wouldn't be sitting there sobbing. He would be brave enough to investigate! Sasuke couldn't call himself Itachi's brother if he was going to be this weak. He swallowed, wiped his eyes, and pulled the blanket just high enough so he could see ahead. Then, keeping it wrapped around himself like a protective cloak, he climbed off the bed and padded over to the door.

First he listened, and hearing nothing, cracked the door open just the tiniest bit so he could see out by squinting with one eye. What he saw sitting on the opposite wall was not an animal he had ever seen before. It clung to the wall like a spider, and looked about as friendly. Worse yet, it saw him, too, and raced up and across the ceiling like lightening towards him. Sasuke just barely had enough time to slam the door and lean against it to keep it closed when he head the crunch of the creature against the other side.

He had changed his mind, he couldn't do this. He wasn't as brave as his brother. Or as strong. Or as smart. He was just Sasuke, and all he could think of doing sitting against the door, pulling the blanket that smelled in a memory over his head, and letting his salty sorrows soak into the fabric.
Tags: !night 012, *acedia, kairi (kingdom hearts), uchiha sasuke (naruto)
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