Mew (rose_tint_ed) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

tumbling, i lose my ground [active / open]

Characters: Mew, anyone who greets her (probably Mewtwo)
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Night 12
Summary: Mew is brought back into the house, and she remembers this place-- all too well.
Warnings: Little kitty angst? Remembering being shot in the head? idk, nothing too serious yet.

She'd slipped. It was a familiar feeling, which was odd, considering she spent nearly all of her time in the air, not even touching the ground-- how could she possibly slip? But that didn't occur to her. When she opened her eyes, she discovered that she had bigger things to worry about than how she'd managed to slip on the air.

There was a moment of pause when she first saw the entrance hall around her-- for a second, it was unidentifiable, a strange new place. She felt curious and began to explore.

But after only a minute, it sunk in with a sudden quick shock of fear-- it was the house. It was different, but there was no doubt-- the air there was different somehow, darker. She could hear the construction again, feel the monsters around. Deja vu, if she'd known what that meant. How had she forgotten this place?

"... mew?" Her voice sounded very small. How did she get back there? She'd thought she'd been returned home, but there she was, staring down the entrance hall. Again. Alone. Something in her stomach jumped at that thought. She didn't want to be alone in this house-- not anytime, but especially not then or there. Not after what happened before. A flash of memory struck her-- Machi, twisted. The gun.

Without thinking, she quickly made to head out of the entrance way and-- what was that sound? She stopped, listening. Someone was crying.

Her sympathy overrode her common sense, which was lacking to begin with, and she drifted over to the closet door. There was a person in there, someone the house had hurt. She had to try to help her.

Tags: !incomplete, !night 012, *acedia, mew (pokémon), shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera)
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