Sergeant Sodomy (sinofmyfather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Sergeant Sodomy

There Is No Doubt [COMPLETE]


Characters: T-Bag, Open
Setting: Basement
Time: Night 12
Summary: T-Bag arrives.
Warnings: Angst, language, a little gore

Oh God.

It hurt. It hurt so bad.

T-Bag opened his eyes and grunted.

What the hell was that screaming? Teddy raised the arm that didn't hurt like a bitch and pressed it against his ear, trying to block out the deafening sound.

To make all of it worse, he was sitting in water. Why? T-Bag didn't know. Last he remembered, he had been running through the dry fields of No-Where trying to find a doctor. A doctor to fix his hand.

T-Bag's head rolled to the side and his eyes focused on the cooler that was floating beside him. His hand...T-bag pulled the cooler close and winced at the pain that shot up his left arm like wild fire. He settled the blue cooler on his lap and pushed the lid back and let out a cross between a sob and a laugh at its contents. His hand. Just lying there in blood, T-Bag's trusty left hand. He could see the little chain of x's and o's circling his middle middle finger and the clean cut where that bastard Abruzzi chopped it off with an ax.

T-Bag shut the lid again and pushed it into the water.

God it hurt.

T-Bag lowered his head into his hand and sobbed.
Tags: !complete, !night 012, *acedia, kefka palazzo (final fantasy vi), theodore bagwell (prison break)
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