Portgas D. Ace (sleepy_fire) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Portgas D. Ace

The Smell of Burning Flesh in the Morning.....(Active/Simi-Closed)

Characters:Ace, Yukimi, Ask first.
Setting: Ballroom
Time: Night 12
Summary: Ace kills Zombies, and meets new people.
Warnings: Ace is going to burn things....he might even curse a little (or a a lot)

Ace felt like he'd wasted hours in the flame...as soothing and restful as it had been, he's wasted time he should have spent tracking down those things and making sure they would not longer be a problem. For anyone.

The first few had disturbed him with their resemblance to humans, but after awhile....it was just fire, fire burning white hot and turning them to dust. He was covered in the fine white powder that resulted, making him resemble a ghost. Or a baker....maybe he looked like an insane baker.

For some reason, that was funny. He felt the smile twist his lips, dangerous and on edge. The flames flickered around his body from wrist to shoulder. He was out of control, and yet at the same time he knew exactly what he was doing. He grabbed another of the slow things, flame flaring and instantly consuming the thing until nothing but white ash remained.

He just kept moving forward, kept searching for them. Had to find them all so no one else could be hurt.

The blue envelope was tucked safely in his leg pouch, he hoped it could help the others.

He'd give it to them later, after he'd found and killed every single one of those slow, shambling monsters. That was his new promise. He wouldn't fail again.
Tags: !night 012, #monsters, kazuhiko yukimi (nabari no ou), portgas d. ace (one piece)
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