Zion Lidde (zionrose) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Zion Lidde

The Curtain Rises [ Active / Open ]

Characters: Zion and anyone else unfortunate enough to wander by
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Day 13
Summary: The house has a new arrival and he's making a mess of the 'nice' floors with blood.  Go figure.
Warnings: Probably gore and cursing.  The works.

It hurt.

Like a thousand needles stabbing ruthlessly into a person's skin, ripping and tearing and shredding and destroying any piece of conscious sanity a person had.  But it just wasn't that prickling pain all over his skin, centralizing at the dark mark, hidden under the flap of his jacket.  No, it was the sudden asphyxiation he felt.   Like he had gone from an unbearable heat into a trance.  He felt like he had become momentarily weightless and fallen and -- and then hit hard ground, only for the pain to return.  It was one of the oddest sensations he had felt, but most definitely not the most painful.

"Where...?" Zion began in a murmur as he brought a hand up to shakily push back his sweat-laced bangs.  His heart thudded loudly in his chest, making it hard for the young blond to hear over it.  He was in a house, that was obvious, but apart from that, he had no other idea what was going on.

"...Miss Claudia?" he mumbled, risking a weak glance around, hoping that on the off chance the dark-haired Rose would be curled up somewhere.  But no, he was seemingly alone.  He had ... failed, hadn't he? 

 "No...."  It sounded awfully spiteful.   
Tags: !day 013, !incomplete, *acedia, miku hinasaki (fatal frame), zion lidde (crimson shell)
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