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Hina Wayne ☆ HinaIchigo, the sixth doll

[If I can't see them they can't see me , Active/Open]

Characters: Hina-Ichigo, Whoever else.
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Day 13
Summary: Hina-Ichigo arrives, and freaks out.
Warnings: Crybaby loli-doll, with a cute catchphrase. You might want to read with serious caution. Which means, nothing yet. We will see.

What had happened again? Oh, right, Tomoe had been there. And the other girl, Corrine's granddaughter, the one who had her ring.
Her ring! That girl had her ring, the one that had been destroyed before, and yet, there it had been, there in Odille's hands. And then they wanted her to pick, and so Hina was going to pick, because Hina was a very good girl, and so she was trying to pick and then she had kindof tripped over the pile of crayons that she had left laying in the middle of the carpet.

And now she was here. What had happened? Could it be that she was just waking up again? Why wasn't she in her case then? What had happened, didn't they have a winner this game? She had thought that would be it, that she could stay with Tomoe forever!

"Tomoe! Tooooomoooooeee!" Hina-Ichigo yelled, hands cupped around her mouth as she called out. "Where are you ~na-no?" She didn't wait for a response to start panicking, looking around her frantically. This wasn't Tomoe's house, or Jun's house, or anything familiar at all. ".... Tomoe" She whimpered, raising both hands to cover her eyes. Now nothing could see her, right? She was totally safe now, right?
Tags: !day 013, *acedia, hilling care (gundam 00), hina-ichigo (rozen maiden)
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