Marisa Kirisame, ze~ (lasers_ze) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Marisa Kirisame, ze~

Can't take it anymore [Active/Closed]

Characters: Marisa, Patchouli
Setting:Small Library
Time: Day 13
Summary: Marisa and Patchouli meet again
Warnings: Possible yuri?

Now, that had been a weird night. First, the really small night and day before it, then the woman with the lantern calling people to the Grand Room. So this place was called Acedia...? Interesting name. And then, the new night. Holy crap. She wondered if Liquid was okay, but she shrugged it off. He was probably fine.

And now, there was, like, an inch of water on the entire first floor of Acedia. She wondered if the house would wind up being completely flooded when night came... but that was a little while off still... At least she hoped so.

Sighing, she entered the Small Library to see if Patchouli had returned after not being there when she and Liquid checked it out. Heck, maybe she'd run into Adachi or Koizumi again. Even Liquid could be in here, though he didn't like the room much.

Her feet splashed in the water as she entered, closing the door behind her and headed over to a shelf.
Tags: !day 013, *acedia, marisa kirisame (touhou project), patchouli knowledge (touhou project)
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